To keep the tata’s ill health at bay.

By Ruby-Jean McGinity

I’m helping raise vital funds for breast cancer education, research and patient support.

Every for the month of April I will run 5km a day or bike 10km per day  (due to unforeseen hip injury. Hips = Lying), to keep the tata’s ill health at bay. 

This is to support all the lovely wahine who have struggled, struggling or someone they know is struggling with Breast Cancer. 

So, for the month of April I’ll be running 5km a day or biking 10km for Breast Cancer Awareness, donate if you can! 

 YTG, let’s go healthy boobies. 

My Updates

Day 22 - Pt 2 on the Treddy

Tuesday 23rd Apr

Day 22 - Pt 1 on the treddy

Tuesday 23rd Apr

Day 21 - More treadmill

Tuesday 23rd Apr

Day 19 & 20 - Treadmill running with a side of a couple hundred Million

Tuesday 23rd Apr

Day 18 - Shipyard Gym

Tuesday 23rd Apr

Day 17 - Biking

Tuesday 23rd Apr

Day 16 - On the bike

Tuesday 23rd Apr

Day 15 - 2 donuts and guts full of curry

Tuesday 16th Apr

Day 14 - Sunday Run to get me up to date !

Tuesday 16th Apr

Day 13 - A Sunday evening Bike for my Satdee Kms

Tuesday 16th Apr

Day 11 & 12 ….. slightly short but I’ll make up for it :)

Tuesday 16th Apr

Day 9 & 10 in one because ya is new boot goofin and feeling fast af

Thursday 11th Apr

Day 8 - Fuck that’s delicious with a side of 10km on the bike

Tuesday 9th Apr

Day 7 - Hips do lie

Tuesday 9th Apr
Have incorporated biking into my daily routine as I have a bung hip and shin splints. 10km bike everyday for the tatas

Day 6 - Unrecorded except step count which according to Dr. Google is converts to approximately 6km

Tuesday 9th Apr

Day 5 - Just shy of a 5er, ran out of time at lunch !

Tuesday 9th Apr

Day 4 - I started as a trio ended single, apparently I run too slow

Friday 5th Apr

Day 3 - Cheeeeehoo

Thursday 4th Apr

Day 2

Wednesday 3rd Apr

Day 2 - running for the boobies

Wednesday 3rd Apr

Day 1 - Blesh Gooooo

Tuesday 2nd Apr
A lovely run around my current stomping ground - La Ciotat, France. 

Thank you to my Sponsors


Damien Thompson

Keep smashing it Rubs!



Chur x



And I just kept on running!! Well done rubes keep up the good work saving those tata’s. Xxx


Clem Smith

Smash it hun xx


Thomas Donator Lewis

Jog on


Mill Creek Farm

It's a great cause Ruby xx




Benjamin Wright



You got this xx


Ruby-jean Mcginity