Turn it into a celebration

Help fund breast cancer education, research and patient support.

Ask your friends and whānau to donate to the Foundation in lieu of a wedding, birthday or anniversary gift. You’ll be helping work towards zero deaths from breast cancer – not a bad way to remember your special day!

How it works

To get started, all you need to do is register. You’ll automatically be set up with an online fundraising page and the team will be in touch with more information and resources to help make your fundraiser a success.


Sign up to fundraise

Register online and you’ll be set up with an online fundraising page, get access to a bunch of resources, and everything you need to get started!


Tell people what you’re doing

From your dashboard, you’ll be able to share your page on social media, send emails to let them know what you’re doing and ask for support.


Celebrate your special day

Get your friends and whānau together to celebrate your special day, knowing that you’re helping support Kiwis with breast cancer at the same time.

Register now to get started!

How we can help

Free resources

Posters, social media tiles, bunting, virtual backgrounds, invitations, and more!

Fundraising page

Keep track of your donations, thank your donors, add a profile image, and update the details on your page.


We have a bunch of pink ribbon merchandise we can send to help support your fundraising.


The team are just an email or phone call away whenever you want to chat through plans or get ideas!

Register to hold a celebration fundraiser now and help work towards zero deaths from breast cancer.