The Art of Wellness - 24 hour Mount Challenge

By Debbra Hazell

We’re helping raise funds for Breast Cancer, it’s close to our

Every year 3,500 New Zealander’s are diagnosed with breast cancer and more than 650 lose their battle to the illness. The impact is huge as families say goodbye their beloved mum, sister, daughter, aunt, grandmother and try to continue to live on with their memory. 

Everyone has either been affected or knows someone who has lost someone through Breast Cancer, for us it is no different. 18 years ago Maloni lost his mum and 13 years ago Debbra lost her grandmother, this cause is close to our hearts as we know that losing someone you love dearly leaves a hole in your life. We are committed to make a difference to help those that may have to go through this life changing event. For each year that our loved ones have been gone we will carry 1 kg as a symbol of remembrance, to give us strength and honour all those who have also lost their lives to breast cancer. 

So join us in supporting this incredible foundation by donating. 

My Updates

24hrs down!

Thursday 21st Mar

24hrs - 20 climbs, 100,000 steps, 80kms, more liquid and food than I can even calculate but we did it and I’m beyond proud. 

Not just proud for the fact that we made it through 24hrs of grinding up and and down the Mount with those damn hefty vests that seemed to get heavier each climb (I think we knew we had that in the bag -#stubborngenes for both of us). But proud of what it represented:

  • We raised money for a cause that is close to our hearts and will hopefully make a difference to peoples lives.
  • We made a promise to ourselves and each other and we kept it. 
  • My brother came down to support us, having never walked up the Mount once, managed to bang out 6 climbs.
  • We had messages of gratitude and encouragement coming in and a few people who also came and joined us for a walk - thank you 🙏🏼 
  • We remained positive during the 24hrs, there may have been some delirium during the early hours of the morning though.
  • Most of all we had our families, even those that couldn’t make it, cheering us on, bringing refreshments and food, doing their own walks in support. They made us proud and we made them proud 🤍
  • We did is side by side, motivating each other, not letting one of us fall, actually I did have a wee trip but you know what I mean. 
  • We’ve realised how much life really means and know that you only get it once, make a difference and live a life you’ll be proud of.

We’ve got sore knees, calves and hips, traps feel like they’ve been pushed into next year and I’ve got blisters on blisters but It was worth it all and we’d do it again for this amazing cause. 

Thank you to my Sponsors


Grant Jackson


Aimee Harper

Awesome work for a wonderful cause guys! Well done!


Ana B

Well done guys such hard work and a great cause.


Paula Pusich

Awesome achievement!


K And M



Kelvin Hazell




Lea Armer






Judy Hazell


Sarah Bisman


Jan Sircelj

You got this guys!


Paul Drew

Good luck for this weekend!


Lisa Mcentee

An inspirational couple and cause close close to our hearts xxx




Kay Hustle

Much love to you and my brother Maloni, ❤️ Salute to you both for undertaking a monumental challenge, 🤝 Rest in Love to my aunties Kalisi Latailakepa and Liu Latu who passed away from cancer, 😔 never forgotten.


Shannon Vidler

You two will absolutely smash this! Such a great cause. All the best x


Shaylene Mckennie

I’ll never forget the generosity you showed me & my family when Mum was diagnosed & the forever memories you helped provide us. I wish you both all the best on such an amazing cause ♥️


Corey Tupou

Good Luck my toko don’t forget 2 arms 2 legs!!Ofa Atu🇹🇴🇹🇴


Bev Tagg


Richard Mckean


Jade Chapman

Good Luck team x what an amazing cause!


Renee Fa'atui

This organisation is dear to my heart as well as I lost my mum 25 years ago to this horrible cancer.