Eloise Tzimas

My girlfriend and I have both gone through breast cancer, so the two of us decided to combine forces and host a Pink Ribbon Breakfast.

My breast cancer journey began a while ago, in 2008. I felt a lump, but it took me three months to pick up the courage to go and get it checked.

I got the lump checked by mammogram and was called back by the doctors to have an ultrasound done.

This was just the beginning of what would be a full-on and scary experience. The week I spent waiting for the biopsy results was the worst week ever.

While my diagnosis was not a happy result overall, I still felt a sense of relief when the oncologist told me I was fortunate and the cancer had been found early. It was a stage 1 tumour, and slow growing.

I badly wanted to be in control of what was happening to me and my body and after three days of sheer panic, and helplessness, I made the decision to be more proactive and take care of myself.

I made significant life changes to help myself cope including daily meditation, overhauling my diet to eat healthier, and I stopped smoking.

I had a lumpectomy and some lymph nodes removed as the cancer had travelled. It was highly recommended that the surgeons go back in and remove more of my lymph nodes.

I told the doctors I would go away for a month and heal it myself. I stopped working, and lived with my family for six weeks, doing everything I could to self-heal.

When I went back to the doctor, they found nothing more. They still recommended chemotherapy, radiation and various medications. After seeking my family’s advice, I opted for six weeks of localised radiotherapy, and otherwise continued using natural therapies.

I’ve continued to be checked annually, and it’s now been more than 14 years and I am still cancer free. 

We held our event in Auckland with tickets to the event costing $20 and people being encouraged to come along in a pink outfit. It’s so nice to get people together, create those connections and have fun, as well as making a contribution to a real worthwhile cause.