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Alisha Harper

After my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer two and a half years ago, I was inspired to support Breast Cancer Foundation NZ and raise awareness by hosting a Pink Ribbon Breakfast event.

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Amber Clyde

Amber Clyde’s nana was always her biggest supporter. Amber started skateboarding as a young girl and her nana encouraged her despite the flak she copped from local boys.

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Anna Stove

I’ve always attended Pink Ribbon Breakfasts - breast cancer has always been an issue close to my heart after my mum had it twice, once in her early 40s and again in her early 70s.

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Becs Vanderklip

Last year for Pink Ribbon Breakfast, Edge Fitness in Waiuku turned pink. From a boot camp and morning tea, Becs and Shannan’s Pink Ribbon Breakfast has evolved into quite a big event, with stalls, raffles and games.

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Bex Lintott

After the success of her virtual Pink Ribbon Breakfast in 2020, Bex Lintott was looking forward to holding their next event in person! Hosting with two of her girlfriends at the Halcombe Memorial Hall, Bex says it was a “fun fundraiser” to raise awareness for a serious cause.

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Ceciline Thai

I was 16 years old when Mum was diagnosed with breast cancer. She had her left breast removed, went through chemotherapy and radiation, then went into remission for around a year. Then in 2015 the cancer came back and had spread into her lymph nodes and beyond.

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Charlotte Wood

Charlotte Wood was just 19 when she lost her mother Penny to breast cancer. Penny had been diagnosed in 1994, at the age of 40, and she passed away eight years later.

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Cheralyn Sorrell

Cheralyn Sorrell was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2017 at the age of 45. With a family history of breast cancer, Cheralyn knew she was at high risk and the stress of being tested each year took its toll.

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Cheryl Morrow

Cheryl Morrow received her mammogram reminder the day New Zealand went back into lockdown in 2022. After fighting to get an appointment during lockdown she was
screened six weeks later.

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Eloise Tzimas

My breast cancer journey began a while ago, in 2008. I felt a lump, but it took me three months to pick up the courage to go and get it checked. I got the lump checked by mammogram and was called back by the doctors to have an ultrasound done.

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Georgie Sanders

A volunteering and fundraising veteran for Breast Cancer Foundation NZ, Georgie decided to try something different when it came to Pink Ribbon Breakfast. She set herself the challenge of walking 3,300 minutes, which she says she learnt is a lot of hours.

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Jayne Montgomery

Jayne Montgomery hired a Wellington movie theatre for her Pink Ribbon Breakfast event. She was blown away when her fundraising page hit $1,000 in just three hours of its launch, saying it’s a great feeling to see the continued love and support.

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Jolene Purdy

I’ve held a Pink Ribbon Breakfast for 15 years – I’ve hosted one ever since the campaign first started in New Zealand. My friends have come to expect it now, that they’re often on to me early asking when our Pink Ribbon Breakfast is going to be!

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Leanne Fergusson

Leanne Fergusson was diagnosed with breast cancer in February 2020 after discovering a lump in her right breast. She had surgery in late April and then had chemotherapy. Leanne hosted her Pink Ribbon Breakfast by BCFNZ to help find a cure.

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Michelle Smith

I had friends, colleagues, and neighbours round to my house in mid-May for brunch. I was diagnosed with phyllodes last year. My mammogram in 2020 had come back normal, but then I found a hard lump on the outside of my right breast near my armpit in 2021.

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